Wednesday, 6 February 2013



We were at afafa's Annual Staff party last night, it was held at the Sri Aman Ballroom. Mom made me a grass skirt as the theme was Hawaiian Night. We had a great time, with great food and of course great show. Thank you afafa.

Thursday, 31 January 2013


 Butterfly belongs to the insect order called Lepidoptera, meaning 'scaly wings'. I just love butterfly...I love their colours and the way they flutter amongst the flowers. They look so beautiful.

There's a Butterfly Garden in the resort, whenever I have free time, I love to walk And play inside the garden. There are lots of flowers and shrub for the butterflies to play and there are also plates of fruits for them to eat or drink..perhaps.

At this moment there are not many butterflies as we are still in monsoon time with lots of rain but afafa promised me after the monsoon ends (very soon I hope), there will be a lot more inside the garden as there are more flowers blooming when the wet season is over...I just can't wait.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Udang Galah Trip

Bill Fish-Rompin's landmark

Afafa took us to Rompin recently for a short break. It was a long drive from Kelantan but we put up a night in Kuantan. We left for Rompin in the afternoon. I've never been to Rompin so I didn't really know what to expect. Both my parents were rather excited and they were  talking endlessly or more specific Udang Galah. Apparently Rompin is famous for that and afafa sort of promised mom to take her for makan udang galah trip.

Strolling near the Mudcrab City
We stayed at Rompin Beach Resort, a nice resort by the beach and I played at the beach for a while. This beach is different from other beaches I've visited. The beach is wide, long and rather muddy. I enjoyed seeing lots of mud crabs on the seemed like I am in the middle of Mudcrab City and I am Gulliver (girl version). 

As I mentioned before, this is a Makan Udang galah trip so afafa took us for Udang Galah dinner at a nearby kampung. The dishes looked yummy and definitely tasted good as my parents polished off everything infront of them.....

The Aftermath

We left the next parents vowed to return...just for the Udang Galah. Well...I don't mind coming here as long as I get to play by the beach and maybe one or two new petshops...

Monday, 10 December 2012

Red Alert!

It's December again, I can hear the waves and taste the salt in the air.....Aha! Monsoon is just around the corner.

Afafa and his team are busy preparing for the season. They put up the red flag, filled up the sand bags and placed them in a row near the Resort entrance.

Then they wrapped up everything with a round of beach volleyball!!!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pantai Bisikan Bayu

This beach is locally known as Pantai Dalam said it is because there are lots of casuarina trees around. This beach is practically at our door step...I just love going to the beach!!!

There are so many things to do, like chasing the small crabs, collecting sea shells, playing with the sand and when mom allows (once in a blue moon) I get to build sandcastle and play near the water edge.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Gem Island - Revisited

Panoramic View of Gem Island

Nyum nyum nyum
 Afafa took us to Gem Island for 'beraya' recently. Said he needed a break after long and hectic raya period. Off we go!!!!
The place didn't change much and I was so happy to see all the familiar faces, felt like we never left the island...although it's been three years since we left.
I went swimming, fed the fishes at the jetty and it was just my luck that they released the baby turtles in the evening.
It was awasome!!!

Bye bye babies...see you in 2032

I also went for hermit crab hunting after a wonderful dinner prepared by Uncle Zam & his team. Managed to get more than 10 hermit crabs with mom's and afafa's help.

 The next day I went swimming in the sea and played on the beach, I even played at the pool area (never went inside this pool before).

Monster Hand
Frolicking at the beach
I had a good time and hope we could stay longer but afafa has to work and I have to go to school, but afafa promised that we will be back some other time.
Thank you to all our wonderful friends at Gem Island for the hospitality - hope to see you again!!!!!!!